Best free VPN for torrenting

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Technology has made this world a global village. Thanks to its countless perks now we can access information from all over the globe in seconds.  Whether you want to watch a movie or download a book, you can get it all free from here.  Now, this word all refers to the content which is allowed in your country. Honestly, everyone who uses torrent is pirating something. Though there are plenty of legal applications to the super handy technology. In most cases, it is used to go to websites like the pirates bay, etc. for free, and by free, it means pirated. Now pirating a website is illegal and you can be sued for it. But relax because now you can use a VPN to avoid this crime. You may find plenty of VPNs but remember not all of them work for torrenting.  So here are few trusted and well-reputed VPNs you can consider for torrenting. Each of these has their perks, and you can rely on them, so let’s begin.

Our first option is a Nord VPN. Now we have placed it first because it’s the only VPN which not only has VPN servers but have gone the extra mile and made it high capacity too. If you are particularly worried about the security of your data, then you can also torrent with a double encrypted connection. It is also called the streaming monster. It can get you to Netflix, Hulu, amazon from any corner of the world.

Now our second choice of VPN is Express VPN. It is a little bit more flexible than the Nord VPN as its servers are always ready. The best thing about this VPN is its speed. It is more expensive than Nord best free VPN for torrenting, but you can pay for the quality of course.

Our 3rd pick is Cyber ghost. This VPN is wonderful when it comes to streaming, but it doesn’t cover in as many countries like Express VPN, but it does have the best European coverage of any VPN. It beats the Nord VPN due to its consistent speed. To be honest, your budget bounds you most of the time, and so your decision depends upon your pocket. You can check out all the other options as well, but if your budget is low, then you should definitely get this VPN. The best feature about Cyber Ghost is that it allows you to connect 7 devices at one time which mean you can buy it with your friends. Another remarkable thing about this VPN is its usability. After its latest update, they have made it so easy to use. All you have to do is to select the server and click the connect button.

These were the few best free VPN’s for torrenting you can consider. You can easily buy them online. But while you are buying online, be vigilant, and always buy from the trustable source.