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Imagine it is your day off, and you have junk food in your hand, and then you are ready to settle on the couch and give your Netflix subscription a beat time. Maybe you have read online that your favorite movie has released a recent episode, but then it is not available to stream in your country.

Also, imagine that you are traveling out of your country and after a good time of exploring the new city, you are back at your hotel, then you notice that you can’t access your favorite show back at home and you do not have the VPN.

This problem can be easily solved. You go to the official IPvanish site and download an absolutely free trial. Install it and voila – you can watch your favorite shows at home.

Why Do You Need a VPN?

There are several strict and copyright law that guides Netflix. Netflix provides a different category of shows, and this depends on where you live; some contents may not be available in your country. A good example is Park and Creation. Even though it is available in the US, it is hardly so in other countries.

All these problems are usually solved using a VPN. A VPN helps you to change your IP address so it can access geo-blocked content. But when it comes to Netflix, it is quite different. Netflix applies additional VPN blocks; hence, not all VPN can give you access to its contents.

This is where IPvanish comes in. While older versions of the VPN have not been able to overcome the Netflix VPN blocks, but the recent versions do it quite simply. However, you have to ensure that you connect to the right server to get it done.

Here is how to use IPvanish to unblock Netflix

Sign-up for IPvanish

Download the VPN and install on your device.

Try to connect to any of these servers; Las Vegas, Dallas or Chicago

You can log in to Netflix and start viewing your favorite shows.

Almost every VPN could unblock Netflix in any region until recently. In 2015 Netflix became under pressure to block VPN users from assessing their content internationally. This increased studio profit, but then it affected online freedom.

But currently, there are just a few VPN services that can bypass the VPN block used by Netflix, and IPvanish is one of them. But IPvanish has some limitations. Not all of the servers can access Netflix USA. Only the servers listed in the steps above can bypass the Netflix VPN blocks. The servers are Las Vegas, Dallas, and Chicago.

IPvanish has a good user interface. Download the app and then subscribe to their VPN plan. This is typically the first step. Afterward, you can enter the email address of the account you subscribed with.

Choose a payment method and complete the information to make your purchase. IPvanish can work on a variety of the system. It can work on windows, iPhone, Android, Mac, and Chromebook. Hence using the VPN does not in any way give you any limitation.

However, you need to have a windows vista before IPvanish can work windows. IPvanish only works on Android version 5 or higher. IPvanish has more than 1000 servers in 60 countries. Hence you can be assured of a good connection wherever you spend your summer holidays. IP vanish also have fantastic features; fast streaming, and increased download speeds.

The Bandwidths of IPvanish is unlimited; hence you can stream for as long as you wish.