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NordVPN – why we need it?

If you have a Netflix account, by now you should have noticed that not all contents are available to your region. Netflix will offer different content to different regions and watching shows to a region different from the one you are in. Hence it can be frustrating watching shows that are different from areas that you are in; this can be very bad when you take a vacation to a different country, and you don’t access to your favorite show.

There are several reasons why streaming services are made this way; this is majorly for regional copyrights. We all need a good way to get around this block so we can access Netflix from anywhere in the world especially with NordVPN.

There is a good thing that we have the answer; VPN provides this; however, not all VPN gives this wonderful benefit of having a trial with unlimited traffic. Several of these VPNs do not have the speed, encryption, server types, and locations to be able to bypass the blocks that Netflix has put in place. But NordVPN has this and much more.

NordVPN has made it quite easy to access all of Netflix content, including contents from the US and UK. Once you follow these simple steps, then you can be assured you can access Netflix

You should first sign-up for NordVPN and then install the software

Connect to any server which you want to view its content; for example, if you want to view contents from the UK, you should connect to the UK server

Sign in to your Netflix account

Relax and begin to enjoy your movies.

Why you Should Choose NordVPN

Netflix always tries very hard to remove the use of VPN by using its geo-block. It does this by blacklisting several IP ranges. In some of their blacklisting moves, Netflix can try to cut access of an IP address from accessing its content outside its region. But NordVPN has some perfect method to deal with this problem.

Firstly, NordVPN has an increasing network of servers. It currently has more than 5000 servers, and this is placed across 62 countries; this makes NordVPN have access to lots of IP addresses which it can send data through, and these servers are strongly encrypted.

However, it is not its server location that gives NordVPN the best to view Netflix contents; it is also the type of server it uses. NordVPN usually runs a weird server type; more like obfuscated servers. This kind of servers hides the data that is being received and encrypts them. Hence Netflix is unable to detect these VPN data, and it sees them as an everyday server. Hence a very few NordVPN servers get blacklisted.

Also, when it comes to watching streams, speed is one of the major factors to consider. Connecting to Netflix is just part of the battle; when you are connected, the next thing to worry about is the speed which your videos load and avoid buffering. The standard video quality for Netflix is 3Mbps. However, NordVPN has several ways to solve this problem because it has servers with stable and fast speed (same for the trial or paid versions!).