Small Outdoor Dog Kennels: Pet Store

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Each dog needs a separate space, both large and small. For small breeds, veterinary stores and kennel manufacturers offer a huge variety: small, practical houses, small cages and designer kennels with an unusual look. To decide what is best for your pet, read the small outdoor dog kennels review.

Types of Popular Kennels for Small Dogs

Kennels are made with one purpose – to create a separate place for the dog. But the specifics of such products may be different: some have a more decorative role, others are used as a kind of aviary or playpen, others perform a universal function, that is, a full-fledged house for a dog.

Popular materials for making such a house are:

  • wood
  • plastic
  • metal

Also for apartments can be made of cute houses made of cardboard or textile. But we will talk about more practical materials.

Wooden Houses for Dogs and Kennels

Wooden kennels can be in the form of a house or a mini-pen. Wood perfectly retains heat inside, serves for a long time and does not harm the pet. This is a great option for a street dwelling because it will protect against snow and cold. Additionally, you can insulate the kennel with foam, tow, hay or sawdust. The design of wooden kennels for small dogs touches cute little houses of different colors, shapes, and variations. There are even models with windows, curtains, and a veranda.

Plastic: Practical and Affordable

Not so long ago, plastic products hit the market, and have already gained great popularity. Plastic kennels, especially for small breeds, are very convenient: easy to clean and carry, protects from wind and rain. And do not be afraid that such models seem unreliable or harmful.

Manufacturers create such products with the possibility of ventilation.

The modern range offers options in the form of:

  • igloo
  • classic house
  • carry

The advantages of this product include nice design, lightness, ease of care and affordability. The only nuances – it is not reliable, relatively fragile and not all models are ways to protect from the cold.

Metal: Cages and Playpens

Metal kennels can most often be seen in dog shelters or in yards where a puppy frolics around the cage or an adult dog lies. A metal kennel serves as a barrier. It allows the dog to walk only within the permitted territory, which will protect the dog itself from the risk of getting lost and accidents.

For added security, you can take a kennel with a small canopy to protect the animal from rain. But this is not the most suitable option as a permanent home in the yard. You can make a double option: a doghouse made of wood inside a metal cage. This is acceptable if you need space so that the dog can rest, walk, but no further than the permitted area.

Try to choose a kennel that is best for your pet. If this is a small chihuahua or toy terrier, then a cozy lounger or a small room house will suit him. If this is a hunting dog, like a dachshund, spaniel, jack Russell, then a small tree house will be a great solution. Or you can pay attention to practical kennels made of plastic in various shapes and sizes. If you have puppies that need to frolic, but you are afraid that they will run away – buy a metal kennel-playpen.

The main thing to consider when buying such a product is the safety and strength of the material, and of course the size of the dog.